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SM5GXQ Simplex node

SvxLink - DMR - EchoLink - YSF

Norrköping 145,2375 (October-April)
Färjestaden 145,2375

Note: Only analog FM over radio.

SM5GXQ is affiliated with the Swedish SvxReflector Netowrk.
  • The talk groups below are statically monitored.
  • SM5GXQ is also connected to other reflector networks, such as the international reflector in UK and Thüringen Link in Germany.
  • Any talk group can be temporarily selected, using the DTMF command 91tg.
  • Manually activated talk group is automatically routed to the right reflector.
  • Temporary monitoring of other talk groups can be added, by using the DTMF command 94tg.
Talk group Description Reflector
91 WW Swedish National Reflector
92 Europe
240 Sweden
24020 SK2SSA bulletin (Sundays 20:00)
24033 SK3SSA bulletin (Sundays 21:00)
2405 SM5
240501 SK5BN
240515 SK5LW
2407 SM7
24070 SK7SSA bulletin (Sundays 09:00)
24078 Cluster talk group SK7RFL - SK7RN
2407364 SK7RN (Thursdays 19:00)
2407151 SK7JL
2405174 SM5GXQ
24078 Öland (emergency). SK7RFL
2 Incoming EchoLink
6 SK7RFL DMR 240721
2 Incoming EchoLink SK5BN
91 WW UK Reflector
92 Europe
240 Sweden
2405 SM5
2407 SM7
24078 Öland
2405174 SM5GXQ
235 UK
91 WW Thüringen Link
92 Europe
240 Sweden
2405 SM5
2407 SM7
2405174 SM5GXQ
235 UK
2 Incoming EchoLink SM5GXQ
6 Incoming  DMR

Normally, only one reflector can be active at the same time, but
  - SM5GXQ is bridging the talk groups 91, 92 och 2405174 between the Swedish and international networks.
  - EchoLink, DMR and SvxLink may be active at the same time on talk group 2405174 only.

SM5GXQ-L's node number on EchoLink is 352661 .
  • Incoming connections cannot interrupt an ongoing QSO (except for bulletin mode or if active on the local talk group 2405174).
  • Incoming connections will automatically activate the "private" talk group 2405174 on both SvxLink and DMR.
  • There is a Macro List for outgoing connections.
SM5GXQ is equipped with a DMR bridge.
  • Incoming connections cannot interrupt an ongoing QSO (except when active on the local talk group 2405174).
  • Incoming connections from talk group 2405174 will activate the "private" talk group 2405174 on SvxLink.
  • No other DMR talk groups are bridged with SvxLink.
  • The talk groups below are statically monitored.
  • Any talk group on DMR may be temporarily selected, by using the DTMF command 96tg.
Talk group Description Network
240 Sweden BM 2401
2405 SM5
24024 "Sweden Link"
240216 "Sweden Hub"
240717 SK7RFL local (tg 9)
2405174 SM5GXQ
2405174 SM5GXQ TGIF

Talk group 2405174 is bridged between SvxLink, DMR BM, DMR TGIF and YSF 57839.

Incoming traffic from any of the above listed talk groups will automatically activate the node.
  • But not if the node is already in use.
Talk groups on SvxLink can be manually selected by using the DTMF command 91tg..
  • The selected talk groups will be automatically routed to the right SvxReflector.
  • If the node is started by carrier only, the private talk group 2405174 is automatically activated on
      - SvxLink Sweden
      - SvxLink UK
      - Svxlink Thüringen Link
      - DMR BM 2401
      - DMR TGIF
      - SE SM5GXQ (57839) on YSF
Talk groups on SvxLink may also be selected by using CTCSS.
Talk group CTCSS Description
240 88,5 Hz Sweden
2400 67,0 Hz SM0
2402 146,2 Hz SM2
2403 250,3 Hz SM3
2404 151,4 Hz SM4
2405 91,5 Hz SM5
2406 118,8 Hz SM6
2407 225,7 Hz SM7
24073 210,7 Hz Kalmar Län
24078 79,7 Hz Öland

Talk group activation by CTCSS can only be made upon activation of the node.
After node activation, the CTCSS tone has no function.
If the node is activated by CTCSS or by carrier, the first transmission is always local.

The selected talk group is active, until the reset signal is heard..
  • 3 tones after 30 seconds of inactivity.
If using talk group 240|91|92, it's mandatory to do a "QSY".
  • Other repeaters are then released from the connection.
  • There is an automatic QSY from talk group 240 after 3 minutes of QSO.
  • Users on nodes already involved don't need to issue any commands to follow the QSY.
  • On all other nodes, there is a message "QSY xx pending". Users can now press PTT within 15 seconds to follow that QSY.
  • After 15 seconds "QSY ignored" is heard. Now users may give the DTMF command 93 to follow that QSY.

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